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With over 10 years of service to our community, our charitable activities support JAMPACT's mission by marshaling resources internationally to serve the needs of Jamaican organizations with proven results in improving quality of life and education in Jamaica.


  • Adopt-A-School Program

With the firm belief in children receiving the highest quality education very early in their life, JAMPACT embarked on charitable action of adopting early childhood institutions in Jamaica. We currently provide ongoing financial and in-kind support to Crescent Road Basic School, Coles Basic School, St. Stephens Basic School and Maxfield Park Children’s Home Basic School in Kingston, Jamaica. More Details…

  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

JAMPACT launched its Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) on Tuesday, April 22, 2008, at Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. The program assists in financing JAMPACT’s adopted basic schools’ teachers and administrators in their pursuit of higher education and professional development in the field of education. JAMPACT Former President, Kamar Samuels, stated in his welcome speech that, "the goal is for our basic schools to become model early childhood institutions in Jamaica. However, we recognize that we can never get model schools if we don’t have model teachers. This program is the first step in our effort to enhance the quality of education being delivered in these schools." More Details…

  • Think Tank

While JAMPACT engages in grassroots work to help transform Jamaica, a critical part of our mission is to influence the policy debate in Jamaica. We engage in community forums, panel discussions, and research to inform our community on social policy issues and contribute to national policy dialogue. More Details…

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