Dear JAMPACT Supporters,


We never really know what the future holds, but if you're a New Yorker, early indications are that 2014 will be quite eventful.  Less than two weeks in, we've had a mini blizzard, record cold, temperatures with bigger swings than Jeter at bat, A-Rod getting a full season suspension, and yet another made-for-TV political scandal in Bridgegate.  And, by the way, we also have a new mayor, new city council speaker, new borough presidents, new public advocate...even the guy I grab my AMNY paper from is different this year!


Of course, JAMPACT would not want to disappoint by being "same old same old," so we have all kinds of new and exciting things to roll out this year, but you'll hear more about those in the coming weeks.  For now we'll just announce our new board.  While you'll no doubt recognize some familiar names on the roster, we've added some fresh talent in Joanne Oates (Think Tank Chair) and Coleen Grant (Secretary).   


We've also welcomed some veteran players to new roles, Gloria Messam as Vice President, Marlon Samuels as Communications Chair, and Angie Golding as Fundraising Co-Chair.  The rest of us you may already know, but the full roster is available below.  Please join me in welcoming our new (and old) board members, we all look forward to sharing an exciting and impactful year with you.  Thank you for your support of our work, and all the best for 2014!


Fiscal Year 2014 Board Members:


Dale Todd - President

Gloria Messam - Vice President

Tamesha Forrest - Treasurer

Coleen Grant - Secretary

Marlon Samuels - Communications Chair

Tassie Scarlett - Education Chair

Kevin Heslop - Education Co-Chair

Akelia Lawrence - Fundraising Chair

Angella Golding - Fundraising Co-chair

Joanne Oates - Think Tank Chair








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