February 12, 2013
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Reverend Marjorie Prentice Saunders
1913- 2009

Rev. Saunders worked as an attorney and a traveling organizer for the United Church in Jamaica. While traveling she observed that throughout the island untrained individuals were operating schools for children. In response to her observations she established the first six week basic training course in 1950.

She selected six individuals, from six parishes. These persons became the first trained schoolteachers in Jamaica. Later she began training teachers at the Kelly Lawson  

Training Center.

Rev. Saunders' impact on Jamaica's educational landscape also includes the founding of several well-known basic, preparatory and high schools including Mona, Iona Prep and Meadowbrook High School to name a few. She is also credited with the creation and organization of  programs for youth and homeless children on the island. In 2005, Rev. Saunders was nominated for the Nobel  

Peace Prize.


Like Rev. Saunders JAMPACT understands the need for skilled and trained educators and as such JAMPACT offers our teachers a tuition assistance program. For more information visit www.jampact.org



Memories of a Community Leader, 
Tales of My First Educator
No matter how far we go on our educational or career path, we oftentimes, find ourselves remembering our first experiences in the classroom and the person standing at the front of the classroom. We could not have understood the impact those first classrooms, instructors, and experiences would have on our lives. JAMPACT strives to ensure that each child we serve has the kind of  positive early childhood education experience that they can build dreams on. 

For some reason I have this memory of my first day at Meadowbrook Prep. My three year old self is standing on the corridor just outside my classroom, thinking "what on earth is this place."  It turned out to be the place I would my first essay about summer vacation. My writing hasn't really improved much since, but, thankfully, my reading is a little better. It was also the place I met my best friend (who I still consider my brother from another mother), and the place I learned to count. Now as a finance guy, I often think about the amount of time I spend reading, writing, and counting, and how much I now rely on those basics I learned 30 years ago, at Meadowbrook Prep. 
Dale Todd, President  

 I don't remember much about my experience at Ms. Deeta or Ms. Ruby's basic school; nor of the tutoring I received even while being so young. But I can remember my mother, Shreadeen, trying always to ensure that I was receiving the best quality education possible.
Akelia Lawrence, Fundraising Chair 
We would like for you to share  your first early education experience with us.

Email your personal experience to communications@jampact.org


General Body Meeting


When: Wednesday February 13, 2013

  Time: 6:30pm-7pm (Networking); 7pm Meeting

Where: Ruder Finn  

   301 E. 57th Street, 3rd floor

( 2nd Avenue)

Directions:  Take 4, 5, 6, N or R to 59th Street

                 Take E or V to 53rd Street   


  Special Guest Speaker

Irwine Clair, OD
Jamaican Diaspora, North East, Advisor
Team Jamaica Bickle, CEO


RSVP is mandatory to gain access to the conference room. Photo ID must be presented at 3rd Floor reception area. If you arrive after  6:30 pm please call 347-743-5089.


RSVP: membership@jampact.org




The Town Hall and Con Edison will present their Annual Black History Month celebration, on February 15, at 8 p.m. This year's concert will feature international performer Akua Dixon and Akua Dixon's Quartette Indigo. The group's repertoire includes Blues, Swing, Bebop, Afro-Cuban, and Hip Hop, as well as songs from the American Songbook. A cellist and composer-arranger, Dixon is a native New Yorker and a graduate of the famous High School of Performing Arts, featured in the movie and television show Fame. A lecturer at the Smithsonian Institute, she has presented educational programs for Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and gives lectures and workshops at schools, colleges, and universities around the world.



JAMPACT Members can attend free, please RSVP: fundraising@jampact.org to attend and for more information. 

JAMPACT Calendar

Feb 13, 2013 - General Body Meeting

Feb 28, 2013 - Winter Mixer  
Negril Village 7pm-11pm
70 W. 3rd St NY,NY

April 25, 2013 - Spring Mixer & Raffle Drawing- Negril Village
70 W 3rd St. NY, NY

May 2013 - The Annual School Supply Drive Launch

May 15, 2013 - General Body Meeting 
 Jun 29, 2013 - C.H.I.C. Gala 

Make The Pledge

Maxfield Park Basic School is an educational institution whose student population consists primarily of orphans. We want to provide these children with an improved learning environment to ensure their success. Take advantage of this opportunity to pledge your support. 

Click here for more information on JAMPACT'S initiative to rebuild Maxfield Park Basic School, the community it serves and to DONATE.

Thank you in advance.


JAMPACT needs your passion, enthusiasm, talent, skills and anything you want to give to make a difference! Visit here for a listing of volunteer needs.   
If you're interested in serving on one of our committees email JAMPACT President


Check out Communications Chair Yannique Coleman and Fundraising Chair Akelia Lawrence-Maitland discuss JAMPACT on Reggae Nation Live Stream with Sheron Pearson
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