January 21, 2013
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St. Steven's School Supply Distribution
How Do You Commemorate Martin Luther King Day?
Martin Luther King Day is a day of service and community. Our children have dreams. Be of service and community by helping the children of JAMPACT achieve those dreams. Your contributions, in-kind or monetary, directly impact the children of our four adopted basic schools. Know that your contribution is extendable. Schools in the surrounding community of our adopted schools also receive support from the surplus in supplies that we provide our adopted schools annually.
Reflect on ways you can be of both service and community. If you haven't already, today is the day to begin the year by having an impact on the lives of others and we mean children. Why children? Because the best return you will receive from an investment is that of investing in a child's education.
Promise. Potential. Progress.


Maxfield Park Children's Home Receives a New Board


After several years of being without a board, Minster of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna has appointed a new management Board to the Maxfield Park Children's Home. The new Board consisting of Adam Stewart and Minna Israel  among others are charged with the task of improving the infrastructure of the Children's home which houses 82 children.


The children of the Maxfield Park Children's Home attend the Maxfield Park Basic School. As much as the children's home is in disrepair, so is the facility in which they are educated. Make the Pledge today and help provide the children of the Maxfield Park Basic School with a new educational institution.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/all-about-maxfield-park_13423279#ixzz2Id5BwDzm



Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music
On December 27, 2012, we lost a friend and media partner of JAMPACT, Eion "Dreadless Ras" Saunders. Eion, founder of ZYNC TV/ New York Links, was a valued supporter of JAMPACT and often provided his service and talent on numerous projects. Eion left behind a wife and four daughters.  The Coalition for Reggae Music has established an education fund for his surviving children.
JAMPACT is appealing to its members and supporters to donate to the family's education fund.   
Please make checks payable to:
Eion Saunders
c/o Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music
1199 Ocean Ave, Ste. 407
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Sponsor- A- Child's Tuition

For only 40 USD a term or just 120 USD a year, you can sponsor a child's education, at one of our four adopted basic schools. Basic Schools are privately managed institutions and the costs associated with maintaining these institutions are affected by tuition payment and non-payment.


Tuition payments are used to sustain teacher salaries and operation costs. Lunch programs are a separate cost for these family's with already limited financial resources. Help the students of JAMPACT by sponsoring their education.    


Email education@jampact.org for more information. 

MakMake The Pledgeedge

Maxfield Park Basic School is an educational institution whose student population consists primarily of orphans. We want to provide these children with an improved learning environment to ensure their success. Take advantage of this opportunity to pledge your support. 

Click here for more information on JAMPACT'S initiative to rebuild Maxfield Park Basic School, the community it serves and to DONATE.

Thank you in advance.

JAMPACT Calendar

Feb 13, 2013 - General Body Meeting @ 6:30pm
Ruder Finn
301 East 57th St
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Feb 2013 - Winter Mixer

April 2013 - Spring Mixer & Raffle Drawing

May 2013 - The Annual School Supply Drive Launch

May 2013 - General Body Meeting 
 Jun 29, 2013 - C.H.I.C. Gala 


JAMPACT needs your passion, enthusiasm, talent, skills and anything you want to give to make a difference! Visit here for a listing of volunteer needs.   
If you're interested in serving on one of our committees email JAMPACT President


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