January 1, 2013
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A few days ago, while catching up with a close friend, our conversation turned to the general sense that the 2012 holiday season seemed somewhat less festive than that of recent years.  As far as we could tell, the dominant feeling in the year's closing days was one of exhaustion.  Maybe the interminable US Presidential election, Sandy's devastation, the string of maniacal shootings, and the ongoing economic uncertainty within Jamaica and the US, took their toll on us.  In addition to all that, the JAMPACT family suffered the loss of a friend and fellow board member, Melody Frazer, and more recently, of another friend and media partner Eion Saunders.  In 2012, the work seemed harder and the hours felt longer.    
Nevertheless, there are many reasons to be thankful; Jamaica celebrated 50 years of independence. Even though our beloved country is not where it should be, at least we're still here, still ready to do the hard work of nation building.  JAMPACT continues to enrich the lives and futures of its students through record successes with its School Supplies Drive and Sponsor-A-Child initiatives.  In 2012, JAMPACT Jamaica was created to strengthen its presence in Jamaica, and launched a couple of promising fundraising initiatives with its raffle and #10for10 social media campaign.  We also continued to make progress with the Maxfield Park Project by finalizing the design of the new building and by selecting a contractor to complete the work.  In the coming months we will complete engineering drawings necessary to secure construction approvals, and will begin acquiring construction materials.  Of course, these successes are the result of your fortitude and generosity, as you continued to support this important cause despite your own personal struggles and needs.  For that we are deeply grateful.  Although there are great uncertainties clouding our entrance into this new year, you can be sure that with your support, JAMPACT will continue to stand with Jamaica's children, working to help brighten their futures.

We wish  the very best for you, your families and your friends in 2013.  May you enjoy an abundance of hope, peace, and joy.  Happy New Year.  


- Dale Todd-



Every year the children we serve gather to receive toys and celebrate this holiday season. This  year, children from each of our four adopted basic schools gathered at the Devon House to enjoy ice cream and toys. Visit us on Facebookclick here to view photos from Christmas Treat 2012, at the Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica.

This is the season of giving and we'd like you to think about ways you can give to JAMPACT this year. Help us to continue this tradition and other initiatives throughout the year with your financial support.    


Condolences to the Saunders Family

On December 27, 2012, we lost a friend and media partner of JAMPACT, Eion "The Dreadless Ras" Saunders. Eion was the founder of ZYNC TV/ New York Links and functioned in various titles within the media: television producer, director, writer and host. At any event within the Diaspora, Eion was present, with his camera ready to capture and broadcast the positive aspects of the Caribbean community and at this he worked tirelessly. Those most familiar with Eion, remember his smile, easy personality, professionalism and his passion for his work. In short, Eion's presence was expected. His talent and presence will be missed. Eion leaves behind a wife and three daughters. JAMPACT sends our most heart felt condolences to his family.

MakMake The Pledgeedge  

Maxfield Park Basic School is an educational institution whose student population consists primarily of orphans. We want to provide these children with an improved learning environment to ensure their success. Take advantage of this opportunity to pledge your support. 

Click here for more information on JAMPACT'S initiative to rebuild Maxfield Park Basic School, the community it serves and to DONATE.

Thank you in advance.

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