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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Some of the Worst Ways to Spend $100.00

1. 10 $10.00 scratch off lottery tickets that will leave you thinking you were one choice away from winning the jackpot - ensuring the night of your life in NYC, devoid of penny pinching while rubbing shoulder with the stars.


2. A luxurious dinner at a NYC Zagat rated restaurant that fills you for only a few hours with ridiculously small and overpriced portions that will never compare to mom's Sunday dinner.


3. A bottle of the finest Italian wine at dinner - making you wish you were in Italy smashing the grapes yourself!


4. A night out on the town  that will mean nothing to you but empty pockets and splitting headache tomorrow morning.


5. $100 change flight fee once you miss your flight home oversleeping from the hangover you generously purchased the previous night.




The Best Way to Spend $100.00....


A Great Night Out to Support The Children of Maxfield Park Basic School!


Read More Below or Sign Up Today!









A Call To Be C.H.I.C.

Charitable. Hopeful. Impactful. Classy

 Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011 

The powerHouse Arena



This year's fundraising event and fashion gala have a whole new look and feel, strongly emanating class while promoting JAMPACT's cause. Our audience is sure to enjoy an incredible evening with live entertainment, gorgeous fashion presentations, food and networking.



JAMPACT's has recognized the dire need to rebuild one of our adopted basic schools, Maxfield Park Basic School. The school receives very little support  and JAMPACT has made the decision to raise the funds necessary to help the school.  When we think of rebuilding this school, we think of the type of school where we would be comfortable sending our children. This school does not meet that standard. We are therefore committed to ensuring that the children of Maxfield Park learns in a high quality institutional setting.


What Can You Do?

Make a difference. Help us in this fundraising effort. Donate through a ticket purchase or just make a donation. And let us celebrate your giving by your attendance at the C.H.I.C. Fashion Gala. Aside from entertainment, ticket includes food and beverage.


Ticket Price: $100.00.


For Event Details Visit:




Journal Advertising: Angella Golding - donor@jampact.org

Media: Tenisha Malcolm - pr@jampact.org






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Jamaica Impact, Inc. (JAMPACT) is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to use our collective energy, intelligence and resources to influence and improve socio-economic conditions, which affect Jamaica and the Jamaican Diaspora by (i) developing social welfare programs, with particular focus on educational initiatives targeting youth (ii) facilitate research, stimulate constructive dialogue and raise public awareness on topical issues; and (iii) provide opportunities and resources to grow and strengthen the network of young professionals, students and friends of Jamaica.

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