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One of JAMPACT's goals is to contribute to the ongoing public debate on critical issues facing Jamaica. The Think Tank Committee facilitates this debate by researching various topics that are prevalent at any one time, and organizing various forums for discussing these issues. The committee may also produce or procure position/policy papers related to topics of interest, and submit them to the relevant authorities in Jamaica. JAMPACT is committed to creating dialogue that will focus on ways to achieve solutions to the many problems now facing Jamaica.

Snapshot of Committee Structure

Current Structure

  • Think Tank Chair/Co-Chairs
  • Two Research Assistants/Interns
  • Think Tank Committee Members

Three Components of JAMPACT’s Think Tank Committee Activity:

  1. Events and Programming: Speaker panels, conferences, lectures & discussions.
  2. Research and Academic Outreach
    1. Fellowship and Internship Programs - students can develop research experience, and receive guidance on research projects, while at the same time pursuing their own academic interests. Research activities will be directly related to JAMPACT's policy objectives or to Jamaica
  3. Research publication and distribution
    1. Hub/Center for JAMPACT Research Assistants and Interns to publish research that contributes to the discourse on relevant topics in Jamaica, both past and present
    2. Hub/Center for Jamaican scholars to post and disseminate their research

To express interest in taking part in any area of JAMPACT Think Tank activities, please contact

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