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"Encouraging the Professional Growth of our Administrators and Teachers"


The purpose of the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is to offer support to school administrators and teachers at JAMPACT's adopted basics Schools in their pursuit of higher education and professional development.

Scope of Program

JAMPACT will only support coursework related to the education field. This coursework will include but is not limited to classes at the college level and continuing education classes.


After two years of regular full-time service or three years of part-time service at a JAMPACT adopted basic school, staff members are eligible to apply for tuition assistance reimbursement each year.

Available Funding

Tuition reimbursement funds are limited. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. JAMPACT reserves the right to deny any application due to a lack of funding. In such cases, applications will be approved if and when funding becomes available. Because reimbursements are made on a first-come-first-served basis, a staff member may submit an application for reimbursement prior to enrolling in and paying for the class. Reimbursement payments are contingent on proof of successful completion and proof of payment.

Application Process

The Steps for Application:
  1. A staff member must complete a Tuition Assistance Program Application.
  2. The staff member is then responsible for acquiring signature from his/her supervisor to verify the date of hire.
  3. The staff member is required to submit the form to the designated JAMPACT representative, along with proof of enrollment.
  4. The JAMPACT Board or the designees will review the application, and make an approval/disapproval decision. Applicant will receiving written confirmation of this decision.


JAMPACT will reimburse up to US$500 per person per calendar year. Expenses for fees, books, and associated costs are paid by the individual. Official grades and receipts indicating the cost of the coursework must be submitted in order for reimbursement payments to be processed. Reimbursement payments will be made for grades of C and above.
  1. Upon completion of the coursework, the staff should submit the reimbursement form, official grade and proof of payment.
NOTE: Applications may be disapproved if not submitted prior to start of the school program or with inadequate supporting documents after course completion, that is, transcript and receipts.


Since the program’s inception, JAMPACT has been able to provide the following individuals the full reimbursement amount:
  • Claudia Fyffe – Principal of St. Steven’s Basic School

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