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The JAMPACT Membership elects/appoints its Board of Directors annually in August, with periodic appointments to the Board throughout the year. This is an important responsibility that engages members and allows them to play a leading role in the organization as it relates to fiduciary oversight and management. Each Director also shares the role of executive officer in the organization in at least one of the positions listed below:

Vice President
Communication Chair/Co-Chair
Education Chair/Co-Chair
Membership Chair/Co-Chair
Fundraising Chair/Co-Chair
Think Tank Chair/Co-Chair

Given the level of responsibility and expectation of each Board member, members who are elected or appointed to the Board must:

  • Be a JAMPACT Member that is upholding the mission and values of the organization.
  • Be a JAMPACT Member is good standing
  • Must have demonstrated good leadership competency

Current Leadership:

 Position NameLast NameFirst NameEmail

Past Leadership

To see a list of JAMPACT's past board members, click here.

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