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Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme Gains New International Partner:
Jamaica Impact, Inc. (JAMPACT) to Mobilize Young Jamaicans in the Diaspora
August 10-12, 2010
“Celebrating and honouring the present and future leaders”

AnseSymphoni.Vergenze is pleased to announce its international partnership with Jamaica Impact, Inc (JAMPACT). Akelia Lawrence, President of JAMPACT, noted that JAMPACT’s mission is in line with the objectives of The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme, hence the opportunity for partnership and collaboration. Partnership is the driving force for AnseSymphoni.Vergenze, organizers of The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme and its sponsors, supporters and partners that brought forth The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme. The need to connect Jamaicans locally and throughout the diaspora beckons, and synergistically JAMPACT’s partnership will provide networking opportunities, in enriching the thrust of The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme.

A “noble and timely intervention” said Aldo Smith, CEO Black Slate Holdings at the official Media Launch of The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Thursday, March 18th, 2010.

Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme is what is amazing about Jamaica and her people; accentuating, promoting and highlighting the superb accomplishments of the Jamaican people. The thrust of Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ is the establishment of a sustained programme for mentorship, coaching and development of our young people, and to provide a forum and funds to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and a sense of community. Valerie Viera, Chief Executive Officer, JBDC stated that “leaders don’t wait to follow other people, leaders create” and further noted “we need to say that we can make our own template” in her encouragement of the thrust of the Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40 National Programme.

The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme according to Hugh Anthony Simmonds, Programme Manager, is to “reinforce what is amazing about us as a people, and to create a cadre of young leaders who are prepared to take on the reigns of leadership”.

The Jamaica 40AmazingUnder40™ National Programme is organized by AnseSymphoni.Vergenze in association with UTech School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Courts Jamaica Limited, Businessuite Magazine, Kingston Industrial Garage (KIG) ,Wealth Magazine, American Airlines, Power 106 and Music 99fm, Jamaica Association of Young Professionals (JAYP), the Social and Economic Alliance for Development (SEAD), the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI/JAMPRO), HEART Trust/NTA, the Scientific Research Council and the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC).

Jamaica Impact Inc. "JAMPACT" is a certified 501(c) 3 non-profit organization consisting of a diverse group of young Jamaican professionals, students and friends of Jamaica whose mission is to use their collective energies, intelligence, and resources to make positive contributions toward the improvement of social and economic conditions in Jamaica. JAMPACT works towards achieving its mission in two distinct ways, through: Contribution to the policy debate on economic growth and education and tangible contributions to needy organizations in Jamaica. Their slogan “PROMISE, POTENTIAL, PROGRESS” reflects their commitment to creating change in Jamaica.

For further information:
1 876 461 8133 or 1 876 395 4897


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